The Lexy Connor Mystery Series

Chandler’s Daughter (2000)

Winslow’s Wife (2002)

How to get Winslow’s Wife


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If you want to know why I chose to publish Winslow’s Wife myself, read vanity publishing.

Winslow’s Wife

iUniverse Writer’s Showcase, July 2002ISBN 0-595-22633-7Trade paper, $14.95 

A missing husband … a mysterious portrait … a twenty-year-old crime … .

The Denver Police think that John Hewitt has simply taken off, probably with another woman, but Caroline Hewitt doesn’t believe it. In frustration, she turns for help to her old friend, middle-aged software consultant Lexy Connor.

Lexy thinks that 35 years without so much as a Christmas card strains the definition of friendship, but she finds it hard to refuse to help. As Lexy explores the world of John Hewitt, she comes to agree that his disappearance is not simply a manifestation of an overdue mid-life crisis; something vastly more sinister has happened.

The only clue is a portrait of an unknown woman, painted by an equally mysterious artist, but it proves to be enough as Lexy discovers once again that there is no limit to the evil people are capable of inflicting on others in the name of love.

Lexy’s search takes her from the lush landscapes of the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York to the stark mountain ridges of Nevada before it ends in a confrontation with a killer in the Rocky Mountains of her own backyard.

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How to get Winslow’s Wife

Winslow’s Wife is produced using print-on-demand technology, which means very simply that they don’t print one until someone demands it. That means that it is unlikely that you will find it on the shelf in your favorite bookstore or library. However, all you have to do to get it is demand it. It’s that simple. All of the normal book sources, click-and-buy or brick-and-mortar, will be able to order it. 

Chandler’s Daughter 

Write Way Publishing, January, 2000
ISBN 1-885173-62-8 
$23.95; cloth; 230 pages Worldwide Library, September, 2000ISBN 0-373263-60-0$5.99; paper

Lexy Connor is perfectly content with her uneventful life: her Boulder, Colorado suburban home; her bookcases full of mystery novels; her love of good food (the source of her magnificent girth); and her faithful Westie companion, Molly. But then a phone call in the middle of the night sends her peaceful world into turmoil.
        Tally Richard, a long-time family friend, is looking for a place to hide out. Having received a cryptic message warning that she’s in terrible danger, she seeks refuge with Lexy, and pleads for help to decipher the mystery of her true parentage, which appears to be the root of the danger she’s in.

Lexy is reluctantly drawn into the middle of a mystery straight out of one of those novels she loves so much. Only now she finds herself playing the unlikely role of amateur  sleuth. From California and the untimely death of their only solid lead to Tally’s parents all the way across the country to Westchester County, New York, Lexy tracks down clues to the identities of Tally’s birth parents, and of the determined strangers trying to get to Tally first. Are they one and the same?
        With the help of a friendship ring, old yearbooks, newspaper articles involving a thirty-year-old car accident that occurred under suspicious circumstances, and a bevy of canines from dachshunds to rottweilers and their owners, Lexy puts her own life, and the lives of those closest to her, on the line to uncover the truth about Tally’s past.

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