Lunemere Professional Services

Editorial services

I provide editorial services on a free-lance basis–for books (technical, general non-fiction, and fiction), user documentation, procedures documentation, web content, marketing materials, proposals, business plans, and so forth.

The level of editing is negotiable and can range from simple copy editing for grammatical sense and correctness to the substantial overhaul, including some rewrite, of materials to improve their effectiveness.

I have a rich background of 40 years’ experience in writing, writer training, editing, publishing, publishing technology, and software design and development. I am familiar with the fundamental concepts of publishing technology (particularly SGML/XML), programming languages, operating systems, database technology, data warehousing, networking, wireless, development processes, websites, and the Internet. With ten years’ experience in management, I am also conversant with business practices and human resource management topics.

I’m a crackerjack editor with a practical view of what makes communication effective; I know when rules need to be followed and when they don’t, and can tell you why.

If you’d like to discuss how my skills might be applied to meet your needs, send me an e-mail.